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Captain Fussypants aka Mattias
Likes: Hockey, balloons, finger food, hanging upside down, music, books, being naked, going fast in his stoller, water (swimming, bath time), sucking his thumb, playing with the dogs, unraveling the toilet paper roll
Dislikes: Being strapped in his car seat, a poopy booty, wearing clothes, cold applesauce, getting his shots at the doctor office, having his face washed

Caleb the Wonder Dog aka Caleb
Seven years old
Golden Retriever
Likes: Eating ice cubes, food especially apple slices, going for walks, sleeping in the sun, being blow-dryed with mama’s hairdryer, playing with Mattias, getting the newspaper, swimming in the pool
Dislikes: Bath time, the dark, loud noises

Mama aka Coreenie
Mother to Mattias
Technical Publications Writer/Manager

Dada aka Lance
Father to Mattias


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