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Firefighter husband update

Lance is home, Lance is home! After almost 80 hours of fighting the Malibu fire, my husband is now home! His sense of duty prompted him to put himself “on call” but for now, he is safe and I am happy.

The fires are apocalyptic, the sun is fiery red, the air thick and full of ash and wow is it hot. Thankfully the wind has diminished.

Out thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has lost their home, been evacuated, and is still in danger of losing their home. And of course, to all the firefighters, police and volunteers who are doing everything they can to fight the fires, maintain order and help those who have been victims of this terrible tragedy.
This photo was taken today from my work parking lot at 8:00 am. The sun is not surrounded/covered by fog or clouds…that is smoke, yes, smoke…yucky, thick, gray smoke. For point of reference, my company is near the 73 and Bison, far enough from the fires to not be in danger or to even see flames but the smoke, well, that seems to be everywhere.


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