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More mama musings

Mattias walks but not well yet…it started last week. He takes two or three steps unassisted before he drops into a crawl (he is so fast on all fours) but he has been practicing. Any chance he gets. His daycare says he “practices” there too. They watch him like a hawk because he is all over the place and has a few bumps and bruises to show for it. They have “ouch reports” that get filled out when a kid injures himself and Mattias got two in one week from falling down while trying to walk!

At home, he is now obsessed OBSESSED with the fireplace. Monday night, he had one foot on the brick hearth and was attempting to climb up the stack of wood before I got to him. Blink of an eye, I tell you. So I blocked the fireplace off with the ottoman and the packnplay and then answered the phone. Suddenly, I heard yelping and when I turned around, he had wedged himself between the ottoman and packnplay in his effort to crawl under the packnplay to get to the fireplace. It was Jennifer on the phone and I was laughing so hard looking at how Mattias had got himself stuck that I had to call her back.

Mattias also enjoys open drawers, cupboards, the dishwasher, trash compactor and fridge. He is really big on taking everything out of whatever. I have a bucket filled with plastic rings, wooden spoons, rattles, a bunch of stuff that I call his “bucket of fun”. I put it in front of him and he spends at least 15 minutes taking everything out. It’s a big mess for me to clean up but at least he is stationary for a little while.


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