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Captain Fussypants alter ego: Baby Destructo

I’m back. I’m really back. Sure it only took me 1/2 a year to create a new post but what can I say? I have one reader (CaliforniaKara) and she’s gonna love me even if I vanish for a bit. I took her the Paleyfest Buffy Reunion so I got me some cred.

So what brings me back? Baby Destructo. Yup, Captain Fussypants has an alter ego. The oft-elusive, never fun to be around Baby Destructo. BD only wields his nightmare antics in the moments you least expect it…like this evening while interviewing a potential babysitter and her mom. Not just a little wild, a little whiny and a little rude but a full bore nightmare. He THREW a hot wheel at this poor girls head. Hucked it with such force that if his dad were here he’d be signing him up for the NFL, but I digress. And I know that all kids throw things and all kids misbehave at times but this is my kids and this is new for me and the way my body deals with stress is to sweat, so here I am in, interviewing a babysitter and her mom who couldn’t have been much older than me and my kid is melting down and I’m sweating and it was just an ugly thing to witness let alone live through. I’m pretty sure this kid will never take my call to babysit and I’m pretty sure her mom wanted to give me a hug and a stiff drink. I swear I heard whispers of “poor thing” as they got into the car.



  1. Oh no! You poor thing.

    The Lone Browser…

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