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Daddy can’t save you from shoes

Poor Captain Fussypants, he is teething (a nightmare that deserves a post all its own) and not a morning babe and that combo makes him so miserable. Every day I wake him up for school at least 3 out of 5 times it is a battle to get him up and dressed. And when I say battle I mean it may be easier to walk a bee on a leash.

Today was no exception. He woke up complaining that his teeth hurt so I shhh’d him and sang him the good morning song and gently got his diaper changed, his shorts and his shirt on without incident but when I tried to get his shoes on him, the very act sent him into hysterics. REAL TEARS jumping from his little sleepy eyes, REAL SNOT dripping out of his nose.

But the kicker?

He started crying for his daddy. Hollering really, like daddy was going to save him from the horror of wearing shoes. Great. My husband, bless his heart and work ethic, has been on a four-day shift and won’t be home until Saturday.

And now I’m the bad guy for trying to get shoes on our kid. And they were his cool Lightening McQueen light up shoes too.


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