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Kiss mommy’s booboo

My sweet boy has been ill with a virus that caused the inside of his mouth to break out in blisters. Gross, painful? Yes to both. The doctor ruled out HandFootMouth virus (NOT hoof & mouth disease as my husband likes to joke) but obviously a strain in the same virus family since it included mouth blisters and fever.

FYI…HandFootMouth Disease even gets its own page on the CDC website:

I digress…so I stayed home with him two days this week because he was banned from preschool until the virus ran its course. And by yesterday he was feeling much better and wanted to play with his cars. So we were sitting on the floor with the mass of hot wheels making vroom vroom noises.

Because he had been ill, we never left the house thus I was wearing no make-up. As much as I’d like to claim to be a natural beauty, I am much more “natural” with a little cover-up, mascara and gloss. So I wasn’t mortified but I was a little taken aback and then deeply touched, when Mattias looked over at me, made a sad face, touched the pimple on my cheek and said “ouchy” and then gave it a kiss to make it better.

The innocence and sweetness of toddlers.


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