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When the kid becomes “yours”

Why is it that when your tot does something negative he suddenly only belongs to one parent? My husband informed me last night that my son (not our son) said a curse word.

Ok, I said without surprise. I told you I accidently taught him “crap” the other day when that car cut me off and I stopped short and all the things in the front seat went flying forward and the remainder of the ride home all I
heard was “crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap” from the back seat.

Not talking about that bad word. He said g*d d*mm*t and made an ugly face.

Huh? That is weird, are you sure that is what he said? He didn’t learn it from me because I only curse with crap, Sh*t and F*ck. But I suppose anything is possible. Do you think your mom said it when she watched him the other day?

My mom would never say g*d d*mm*t. She wouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain like that but she might say just d*mm*t.

(me thinking this but not speaking aloud: because dropping the g*d part makes it more acceptable?)

Well, maybe that isn’t what he said. Remember the time he told you to “push it” when he wanted you to push the little car but it sounded like he was saying b*llsh*t?

No, it was a clear g*d d*mm*t.

Of course, when hunky firefighter hubby tried to get Captain Fussypants to say it again with the prompt of, “hey Mattias, God….” our son just looked at him like he was nuts.



  1. oh coreen I am in for it when my little one starts to talk more! I say those words too, silly me I needs to clean my own mouth out with soap!

    Good times!

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