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’88 is great!

Yup, hard to believe but I have been out of high school for 20 years (or, for that matter, that ’88 is Great was a cheer the senior class used to do).

…thankfully, I don’t age. HA! My reunion was this past weekend in San Francisco and I had the best.time.ever. I expected it to be fun, since my 10 yr was enjoyable but I certainly did not expect to have as much fun as I did. It was just so nice to see all these people again (some of whom I’ve known since the 4th grade when my family moved to Danville), to hear how they were doing, to know they are happy and, well, I look fabulous, so the compliments I received on my appearance were also a perk! C’mon, who doesn’t like to hear that the last 20 years have been good to them?

And for anyone wondering, yes, I am wearing a zebra-stripped bra. I didn’t realize my dress was see-through until I saw the photos…the camera flash lights up my fancy unmentionables…if this was the red carpet, I’d be having one of those paparazzi moments! Good thing I’m not famous…or naked under the dress.


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