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I’m just wondering

Why pinatas are made in the image of children’s favorite characters? The violence-level associated with a pinata is high because you have to beat the sh*t out of it to get the guts (candy) to fall out.

I ask because of two parties we attended, one pre-parenthood and one post-parenthood. Went to a toddler birthday before Captain Fussypants was born and the child’s fav character at the time was Elmo. So the parents hired “Elmo” to come to the party. The kids loved it, hugging Elmo, squealing around Elmo, couldn’t get enough of Elmo. Then Elmo leaves and the pinata was brought out…in the shape of FREAKIN‘ Elmo! What kind of message is that sending? Here small child of mine, one minute I want you to hug and love Elmo, but the next I want you to beat the crap out of Elmo.

Went to another party just recently, birthday kids a little older, and now I have a toddler. The Pinata is brought out and looks like SpongeBob Squarepants. Captain Fussypants is not a big fan of SpongeBob but he does know who he is. So all the kids are lined up by age, youngest to oldest, and each given a turn with a bat. Captain Fussypants takes his turn but doesn’t really get it, he doesn’t have enough experience with pinatas to realize that there is candy inside and he doesn’t have enough experience with candy to care so he half-ass takes a whack and is done.

Now he is being held by hunky firefighter daddy/hubby and watching the other kids and all is just groovy until the bigger kids start taking their turn. One of the kids hits SpongeBob with such force that his leg rips off and flies through the crowd. Well, this terrorizes Captain Fussypants. He starts crying big, fat, round, projectile tears, crying no daddy no and tried to squirm away from the horror.

Took some mommy-soothing, Mike & Ike’s and a puppy to calm him down.

Safe to assume that we won’t be purchasing any pinatas that look like anyone we know anytime soon.


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