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The “mom” car dilema

I’m so that girl.
I’m the mom that wants the minivan. But I’m also the mom who thinks she could make the minivan hip and sexy, if that were something a minivan needed to be.

We’ve been looking at cars ever since mine was totaled (not my fault) right before Christmas.
I loved my Honda CR-V, really loved it. But since I got a do-over, I decided I wanted something like the CR-V but a little bigger and with automatic seats (the CR-V is fully loaded but even if you wanted to pay for automatic/memoryseats.you.cant.because.it.is.not.an.option, it’s just odd).
So, my non-negotiables were automatic seats, preferably with memory settings since hunky hubby will drive it too, good safety ratings, front and side airbags, navigation, sunroof. Some other options I thought would be nice was 3rd row seats, DVD, bluetooth integration. Nice but not necessary.

So we looked and we looked. I’m a Virgo, I’m curious and I’m a researcher at heart so I read more reviews on more websites and queried everyone I know in person, and on fb. I got so much info, it made me want to just ride a bike (except for the fact that I’m so lazy).

Hunky hubby wasn’t helpful. He did the guy thing where he acted nonchalant and said things like, “It’s your car, get what you want” but then would say, “Have you seen the VW Touareg” or “I saw a BMW X5 on the freeway today and it looked nice”.

Before the Honda, I drove a Toyota 4Runner, which we still have. The guy I bought it from in 2000 still works at the dealership and still sends me birthday cards, so I went to drive the Sienna and the Highlander.

I loved the Sienna. Seriously, it’s my new crush, it could be my new boyfriend. It had everything I wanted in a car and more, so much more. The Sienna is so awesome, I could hang out in it when I needed some alone time from the family. I could hide away in it, I could and be quite comfortable. So I devised ways to break it to my husband, knowing all he would hear was minivan, to him the equivalent of doggie-doo.

I was correct. He told me he would look at it but I could tell he had made up his mind not to like it. He did look at it, he saw it in all it’s awesomeness, he conceded that there were many features that were perfect for a family car and then…
and then..
and then he used his husband veto. I was not aware of the husband veto but I assume that I now have a wife veto, which I am so going to use on him.

I see his points about why he doesn’t want a minivan and I’ve watched the movie Cars enough times with my son to know minivans are the butt of jokes even in animation so we came to a truce. He said he’s cool with, when we have more kids, me getting a minivan, if I still want it. Our son is two and we are not preggo with our next baby yet, so I suspect that, at least in his mind, this is a couple years away and he will do all he can in that time to dissuade me from wanting a minivan.

Another friend of mine said her dream car is the swank Mercedes GL, the difference not lost on my husband. I told him he should be thankful he married a practical gal, one who spends money wisely. :)

So for now, sweet Toyota Sienna, I’ll see you in my dreams.


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