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RIP – lit.er.a.lly

An ode to my favorite jeans (c’mon, you know you’ve got a pair)
I recall the day I found you, the way you fit and felt.
You are my go-to jean, whenever I go out. Whether the event is casual, dressy, a night out on the town…you never, ever, ever, let me down.
I can wear you with heels, flip-flops or tennis shoes and often times I do.
So imagine my dismay, that day,
when I felt my ass fall through
the tiny tear in the rear. The ripping across the bum certainly caused fear.
The tear is small now, but I know it will grow,
these things always do.
So I cry out and ask, “what will I do will I do without you, whatever will I wear”?
My favorite jeans in the whole world, I cannot bear to part.
You will forever hold a special place, in my closet and my heart.



  1. Oh girl, i am sorry I really feel your pain, in so many ways…I have my favorite go to jeans too…I shed a small tear for you!

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