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The weight issue

Ok, I rarely weigh (hehe) in on weight. I don’t make fat jokes, and I could care less if a celeb is too skinny or too fat. When my friends, who are obsessed with the scale, discuss how they’ve gained or lost 1 pound, I tune out. My feeling is that weight fluctuates, muscle weighs more than fat, and as long as I can button my pants and I feel good, I don’t care what my “actual” weight is. I’m not one to step on the scale, I just don’t care. But today, something happened to me that prompted me to care.

I had a follow-up doctor appointment with my general practitioner, for my back, from the car accident I had right before Christmas. My last appointment with her was one month ago, January 6 (right after the holidays).

Gynos and GPs always weigh you, standard stuff, you cannot get away from it. So I get on the scale, shoes and all, and the nurse says, “Wow, you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight from the last time you were in” so I say with mild surprise, “Considerable, really? What did I weight the last time?” and she replied that I was four pounds heavier in January.

FOUR pounds is “considerable”?!? Are you kidding? Sure if I was one of those octuplets that were just born here in SoCal, then four pounds is considerable but I’m 5’7″ and a grown woman. Four pounds is two glasses of water and a cliff bar.

So I said, “Well, I guess it just depends on how much I work out or pig out”. I wanted to add skinny bitch to the end of that sentence but remained composed.

When I called my hunky hubby to tell him this, he laughed and agreed that I was within my right to be appalled, which is saying something because he is obsessed with “fit”. He said even he, the guy who works out twice a day, sees his weight fluctuate between five pounds or so.

So now that I’m down four pounds, I’m going to go eat some chocolate.



  1. OMG, that is too funny! Go have some chocolate and a drink a beer later…I guess you earned it! he he!

  2. Eat some for me…because I am UP four pounds. What would they say about that? They might want me to get my stomach stapled:-)

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