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Bellybump bodyslams

Bellybump bodyslams sounds like a shot you did one too many times on spring break back in the day, doesn’t it?

It is actually a new game my husband and son made up and I beleive the sole purpose is to drive me insane.

Hunky hubby was off work 1/2 this week, and was quite helpful around the house…to…a…point. Take Wednesday morning, for example. Lance got up when Mattias did, got him dressed for school in an outfit that was suitable to be seen in public, fed him a snack, even washed his face and brushed his hair, while I got ready for work.

And then….

they started playing bellybump bodyslam while I loaded up the car. Bellybump bodyslam requires Mattias to run ON THE COUCH full bore into Lance’s belly/chest then Lance bounces him backwards into the couch pillows. And when I say bounces him backwards, I mean Lance HUCKS Mattias a few feet in the air, backwards.

Of course, both my boys are giggling like madmen, finding this new game to be so entertaining that when I said it was time to go, Mattias had babymeltdown and didn’t want to get in the car to go to school.

And suddenly, I’m the bad guy. And late for work, again.

Somehow I missed the small print in the parenting handbook that said daddy gets to be “fun guy” while mommy does all the work.




  1. that is too funny, sorry I am laughing but I know if it was Matt and my son, I would be mortified…I can so sympathize!

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