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Small revenge

I already posted of my love, desire and hots for the Toyota Sienna so I won’t bore you waxing poetic about my “dream” car. But I have to share my little revenge for Hunky Hubby using his husband veto and nixing me getting my dear minivan.

Big reasoning behind hubby’s veto was the fact that my car is not only our “family car” but also our “date night” car. Thus, he didn’t want to be caught driving around in the minivan without that mini-me son of ours. Ok, whatever, no minivan…we bought a Volvo XC90 (more on that car later).

However, our son knows that the Volvo is mine and he calls it the “mommy buggy”, he knows that the Ford is Lance’s and he calls that “daddy’s big truck” and he knows that the 4Runner is daddy’s work car and he calls that “daddy’s other truck”.

So I exacted my own little personal revenge on Lance for his veto and got personalized plates for the Volvo. Whenever we drive together, Lance is behind the wheel and he often takes the Volvo to run solo errands too (it’s a nice car to drive) so now he gets to do all that with these plates:

Work out what it says, I know you can.

I rule.



  1. Love it! Mine say:


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