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Another child milestone

I get it, as a mom I gotta let go. Kids grow up. It happens. I guess I wasn’t prepared for it to happen so fast.

My son is two years, three months and three weeks old. Or, if you believe babyweekly.com ’cause I certainly didn’t do the math, 840 days or 120 weeks, old.
I know he is a toddler, he plays hockey, he doesn’t like veggies and he has a great vocabulary and loves to tell me he doesn’t like veggies, but you know what? He is still my baby. So I wasn’t prepared for how sad I felt this weekend, when we moved him into his BIG BOY BED. We, (ha! really it was me) kept him in his crib because he’s not a climber and was perfectly satisfied to sleep in his crib. With hunky firefighter hubby gone so many nights in a row, his crib was a safe, secure place for him, so I could keep my sanity. I already hear all the things.that.goes.bump.in.the.night when my hubby is working, so I wasn’t ready for a small tot cruising the dark house in the wee hours.
But, as happens, he is getting taller. And, as happens, he rolls all around in his sleep. And that was the issue. He’d turn himself sideways, get a foot stuck in the crib rail or bonk his noggin on the side of the crib and wake up. And if he woke up, then everyone in a mile radius had to wake up too. He’s perfected the midnight call of the wild, it goes something like this, “MOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEE”!!!!!
And when I say everyone in a mile radius, I mean me. Even if his daddy is home, his daddy would never hear him. He has some superpower that makes him immune to middle of the night wakings. Same goes for the dog…hubby never hears the dog doing the potty dance at 3am either.
So, my exhaustion from being woken up almost every night for the past two months finally determined that it was time to get him into a bigger bed. He helped daddy take the crib apart this weekend, and has successfully spent two nights, sleeping through the entire night, in his big boy bed. Night 1 he asked me to lay down with him for a few minutes before he promptly zonked out. I explained to him, both nights, that if he woke up he had to stay in bed and just yell out for me, he wasn’t allowed to get off his big boy bed, and he nodded his understanding, but my lecture was unnecessary. He is back to sleeping through the night, so it’s all good.
The crazy thing is, that although he is in a full-size, super roomy new bed, he still turns sideways!
We went with Lightening McQueen sheets, because he adores the movie Cars and loves playing race cars. But I’m still looking for a comforter since we opted against a “theme” comforter, so we don’t have to replace it when he moves on to some other favorite.
Sheesh, already in a Big Boy Bed. Who knew it could happen so fast.
But, he is still my baby.



  1. Girl, I am dreading this…G is still in his bed and he lays sideways all the time, he never wakes up in the middle of the night and seems to love his bed, so let’s hope this continues!! I don’t want him to move on either~ I feel the sadness for you…but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t your baby, he always will be even when he is 18! ;)

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