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Huh, didn’t think of that

Last night, me and Fussypants spent two quality hours at his school for Mom’s Night. Good times. Each room had a different craft (necklace making, paper crown decorating, tissue paper flowers, finger paints and play dough – and did you know that there is actually several different types of play dough that you make in different ways? Seriously. It is true. The school passed out recipes, so I’ll scan and share and you can be as amazed as me that a. you can make your own play dough, you don’t have to buy it and b. you have different options on what type of play dough to make), then we concluded by singing songs in chapel.

It was a great turnout, children running all around, pulling their mamas in all directions, the air filled with giggles.

But right before the evening song wrap-up, I smelled something suspiciously like poops. So in an effort to avoid stinking up chapel, I took Fussypants to the car to change his diaper. Because the stroller and loot I purchased from Ikea were occupying the back of the Mommy Buggy, I laid him down in the back seat to change him. The entire time I was changing his diaper, all I heard was,

“I have a buckle in my head, buckle, buckle in my head, moooommmmmeeeee,
buckle, buckle in my head.”
Only when I took him to the bathroom to wash my hands did I realize there was a changing table in there. And then it occurred to me that there are changing tables all over the school because they take babies as young as four months. Huh, just didn’t think of that.

Oh well, I suppose a buckle in the head is better than dirt in your eye.

Happy Friday!


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