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Lost in translation

Sitting here working, editing a rather dry white paper but saved from slipping into a boredom coma by my iPod. Listening to a happy little ditty called “Beautiful Life” by Fisher inspired me to send my hunky hubby a love text with some of the song lyrics.

Outside you will find
There is love all around you
Side by side
We’ll see the world
That surrounds us
Into a beautiful life
‘Cause it’s a beautiful world
And it’s a beautiful time
To be here- to be here
Not five minutes after sending the text I get a phone call from hubby.

Hubby: Did you misfire on a text to me?

Me: No, that was a love text. I thought you’d like the song lyrics.

Hubby: Huh.

Me: Haven’t you ever heard a song that made you want to circle around in the sun, like in the Sound of Music?

Hubby: Don’t know that movie. But thanks.

Alas, the beauty of it doesn’t transpire via text messaging and was lost on my
husband. Maybe Black Label Society/Zakk Wylde has a power ballad I can text him lyrics from. That might get through his thick noggin.

My hubby doesn’t sport this facial hair any more but it is still a classic picture.



  1. Hillarious! I could just see Matt calling and saying the same thing!! XO

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