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Mother/child bond

You know what I love? I love that my son can find me, in the dark, while asleep, to snuggle. I don’t love that it means he is going to wrap his little fingers in my hair, so entwined that it feels like my scalp is being ripped from my skull, but I love that he knows when I am there, even though he is asleep.

So hunky firefighter daddy works 24 hr shifts and some nights, when I’m feeling the dark creep in on me, I let Mattias sleep in bed with me (since his room is down the hall at the other end of the house) so that if we do get an intruder, then me, him and the dog can lock ourselves in the bathroom and make a quick escape through the window. I have not yet figured out how I’m getting our huge, 100 lb Caleb the Wonder Dog through the window as it is above waist high, but I already figured out that if I stuff Mattias into the pillowcase along with the pillow, then it won’t hurt as much when he hits the ground after I huck him through our escape portal.

Trust me, I know. It is a bit paranoid that I’ve already thought this out in such detail but not having your husband home every night can be daunting. I watch the news, I also watch shows like Fringe. Things go bump in the night and those things can be really, really spooky. I feel better knowing I have an escape route. And a gun.

But, my point is, that in the dark, with Mattias slumbering away, snoring his little snortle, he still knows I’m there and can find his way across our California King to snuggle up to me and as previously mentioned, entwine his little fingers in my hair. He loves my hair, and has grabbed at it since he was an infant.

Someone told me once that kids can smell their mothers until about age 30. Amazing. If you are ever around an infant, watch when someone else is holding the baby and the mother is out of the room. When mom comes back in, the infant almost always raises their head, looking around. I think it is because the baby can smell their mother.

Here is an interesting article about this. Apparently studies have shown that a baby’s sense of smell starts to develop in the womb.


Now that is an incredible bond.



  1. U r funny…it is good to know how to get out of the house, to be honest I have thought about it many times..you are not alone. That is sweet that Mattias can find you…and you know what he will find you when he is 30 too, especially when he is hurting, which I hope he never ever is!

  2. Absolutely amazing!

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