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Non-kid related post but I gotta vent!

Lance and I have been going to Costa Rica for nine years, we’ve taken our son there, we love the country, the people, the friends we’ve made there. We’ve looked into buying property but then had a baby so postponed that idea but it is really a simple, fun, uncrowded, non-touristy place that we truly enjoy visiting.

And today I saw the hotel where we always stay in freakin‘ People Magazine.


Over the years, we’ve become friends with the owners of this hotel, we know their kids (Mattias has a huge crush on their daughter), we love to hang out with them when in town and we knew that they were friends with Giselle (she owns a home in the area). When she married Tom, Lance spoke with our friends and they said that the Brady’s were coming into town later in the month and we were happy for them, because it meant some good business for them too.

But now I fear that with People magazine posting the website for all to see, the place we love will become overrun with lame-ass yahoos, ruining the pristine simplicity we love so much.

So I vent.



  1. That stinks…stinks…you better get back down there before they all come a runnin’.

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