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Beautiful Music

Lance and Mattias shopped at Home Depot yesterday so they could build a do-it-yourself “music-maker”. Lance has skills but got the idea from Better Homes and Gardens magazine (something my mom-in-law insists on renewing for me year after year even though I’d enjoy People more). The video is a bit long but Mattias does a very funny “happy dance” at the end.

Enjoy. Oh and Lance wasn’t reading BH&G;, I showed it to him!


Lance said shopping with Mattias was very funny and that he insisted on taking all the items out of the cart and setting them on the check-out counter himself all the while saying, “here is one more, here is one more”. If you watch the video, you’ll see that there are several little washers so Lance said it took quite a while to unload the cart. Hunky hubby seemed quite proud telling the story though, so I doubt he minded.

Reminds me of the time we were at Costco and Mattias kept saying he’d pay. He told the cashier, “I pay, I pay” so when the guy asked Mattias for his money, he looked at me and said, “Money please mommy”.

They start so young.


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