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Can you be only a 1/4 domestic goddess?

You know what I am good at? I am good at buying pastry from the store.

Sure, I’ve gone above and beyond and entered the bakers realm before. Ok, twice. I made Mattias theme birthday cakes for both his birthdays, hockey for his first and a fire engine and Lightening McQueen for his second (yup, two for his second birthday). You can view them here and here. And they tasted yummy.

Hunky hubby is the cook in the family so I’m not sure what possessed me to offer to make a dessert for work. Make. A. Dessert. For. Work. It started out innocently enough, it’s Cinco de Mayo, we have a staff meeting, Aprille decided to make vegan though she swears you cannot tell brownies, Dana offered to make her banana bread so not to be the party pooper, I offered to make a cake. I had an idea of what to make thanks to Tara’s post on easy and delicious chocolate bundt cake (here). I actually envisioned making it as beautiful and delectable as she did. So I printed her recipe, stopped at the store on the way home and after getting Fussypants fed, gathered the ingredients…
and realized I don’t own a bundt cake pan. Plan B…
Nope, no Plan B. I don’t own a regular cake pan either. So we are now on Plan C…huh.

Then it hit me, pre-kid, I didn’t bake. Lance is more a chef than a baker so aside from the occasional cookies…my options for my work cake were limited to Lightening McQueen, Firetruck, or Dinosaur Cupcakes. I went with the cupcakes because it is a really cool pan. You can buy your own here.

Quick aside, Lance detests cooking when there are dishes in the sink. I do not. Does that detract from the 1/4 domesticity I’m barely holding on to? But here is a MamaCoreenie fun fact: I cannot leave the house with dishes in the sink (or an unmade bed). Fire or home invasion, sure I’m outta there dishes or not but there have been plenty of times that I’ve been on time but ended up being late because of dishes in the sink. A quirk. We all have them.

So back to my baking. I poured myself a glass of wine

and found my mixer. My lovely Sunbeam Mixer that I have had since freshmen year of college, 1988. Thanks mom.
Please note that the mixer is older than my relationship with my husband, who I met in 1996. The recipe states to mix for three minutes. 1.5 minutes into it, I smelled smoke. I dismissed it as a minor yet understandable protest from the mixer, as I’m sure it feels neglected.

Sunbeem got the job done and the cupcakes turned out really tasty. I added butterscotch chips to the recipe. Yum yum. I had two, just to make sure.

I warmed, then drizzled chocolate frosting on the cupcakes. Maybe not the best idea. My dinosaurs now look like they fell into the La Brea Tar Pit. But they are tasty. I had two.
I am going to serve them with fresh strawberries and raspberries.
So, shine on domesticity, shine on.
What I don’t recommend? Letting your two year old lick more than some of the batter. Two year old tots have tiny tummys and it doesn’t take much sugar to jack them up. Lesson learned. Speaking of sugar, I’m posting this after midnight. I’m still up because I had two cupcakes.
Yum Yum.



  1. You are hilarious! Oh and I don’t have a bundt pan either, borrowed that from my mom! :) Love the cupcakes and having dishes in the sink does NOT take away from your domestic goddess title..it only adds!

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