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Ok, so is it just my tot or do all toddlers do this? Why does No really mean Yes?

Fussypants has this annoying habit of telling us he DOESN’T want something, but he actually DOES want it.

A typical exchange:

Mommy, “Do you want juice”

Fussypants, “No, no juice”

So I begin to put the juice back in fridge only to be bombarded with a whine and a holler:

Fussypants, “Mommy, MAMA….my juice, my juice”

Seriously. And it’s not just juice, it’s everything. If hubby or I ask him if he wants something it is always no first, then yes. We don’t get it.

This morning’s exchange was more of the same. Fussypants woke up cranky, which is a bit unusual, he’s a happy camper most mornings. As I was changing his diaper I used a wipe because he was really wet. So he said to me, “no wipe, no wipe.”

Ok, whatever. I go to throw the wipe away and he freaks out…starts to whine/cry and hold his hands out, “No, my wipe, my wipe”.

So I go to hand him the wipe and he wiggles away from me, diaper-less I might add, and starts saying, “no wipe, no wipe”.

So I go to throw the wipe away…and you guessed it, he freaks out and starts to whine/cry, “No, my wipe, my wipe”.

Suddenly I feel caught in an endless rewinding loop and can see my day spiraling towards nowhere good.

Usually I am a happy, lala-singing morning person but today am very patient-intolerant due to hunky hubby deciding to spend “one” more day in Vegas on his boys trip so when Fussypants began his “I want it, no I don’t want it” antics, I had to count to 10, smile and coax Fussypants onto my lap so I could quietly ask him, in a very soothing mommy voice, with kisses on the top of his head, what he wanted.

“I want a wipe. I want to wipe my bum.” Easy enough, I give him the wipe, which he takes, and let him wipe his bum. Then slowly, without making any sudden moves so as not to startle the wild animal, I pick up his diaper.

“No diaper, no diaper!” And he again, wiggles away, diaper-less.

Yes, it is one of those days.



  1. oh mine does this…ALL OF THE TIME!….part of being a toddler I guess..annoying though!

  2. I really don’t get the No means Yes thing…I do know that it would never work for me though – nobody would put up with me! So kudos to him for working this for so long!

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