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Dinosaur beans

Fussypants dislikes veggies. He used to love broccoli and cauliflower but now, even the picture of carrots in his Elmo book cause him to make retching noises and say “yucky”.

Odd, since both his daddy and I like veggies and serve them at almost every meal. We’ve tried to disguise the veggies with bbq sauce, butter, ranch dressing, you name it. My favorite was when I melted brown sugar and maple syrup over butternut squash and he said, “mmm…smells like candy” and I thought I had him. I did. I told him it was candy and he scooped up a bite, sucked all the maple syrup and brown sugar off and then spit the butternut squash pieces back on his plate.

True story.

You can imagine that his veggie-bias makes meal time fun. Fussypants isn’t a great eater anyway, so negotiating with an intolerant two year old when half of the items on his plate practically terrorize him makes our dinner experience always last longer than it should.

Last night, I was home first so I made dinner. Steak and veggie stir-fry with brown rice. I used carrots, yellow squash, yellow bell peppers and green beans, the long, fresh kind.

I thought the color yellow would perhaps trick Mattias into thinking it wasn’t a veggie but he was not to be fooled. So I tried a different tactic, I told him that dinosaurs love yellow yummies and he should try one. Nope. Didn’t fall for it.

But Lance, liking my way of thinking, picked up a green bean and said, “Mattias, did you know that Dinosaurs eat Dino Beans and that makes them big and strong”?

His eyes got wide and he grabbed a green bean off his daddy’s plate and took a bite. Not even a tentative bite. He gobbled it up. He then proceeded to “steal” all the green beans off my plate and his daddy’s plate and eat them. All of them. Every one. He must have had 10 green beans, which is more veggies in one sitting then he has had all week.

For a moment I was annoyed that when I tried the dinosaurs love tactic it didn’t work but when daddy spoke it was gospel but I got over that quickly. Daddy always gets him to eat when I cannot. And eat he did. And that is what matters most.

P.S. – I have both cookbooks (Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious) which give recipes for hiding veggies in food and dessert but I have yet to take the time to make the “purees”. One day, one day…
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  1. Great story! I have a little food processor, and I process up broccoli and carrots to put into meatloaf (which we make with ground turkey). It doesn't take long at all, and the carrots give the meat a nice, sweet flavor.

    (I caught the carrot/meatloaf trick from an ep of Jon & Kate/8 when I was channel surfing one day.)



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