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Hunky hubby update

So, after the ominous text I received late yesterday afternoon, I didn’t hear from my firefighter husband for hours. I did, however, get a few phone calls from friends who heard that an LA County Firefighter was injured.

I’ve been told that if something happens to my husband, I’ll be notified right away, so I have to believe in that system and remain calm. Although I was a little nervous for him, I knew that he was ok. I strongly believe that I cannot worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. Otherwise, I won’t be able to function on a regular basis. Does that make sense?

Then, about 9:30 last night I received this text:

LACoFD 10 for 10 on houses saved. Of 20 rigs that rolled up in our team, 5 stayed to fight the beast…all County rigs. It was f-ing nuts. 149′s firefighter in ER but I’m good.

He followed up with a phone call. He said it was intense, very hot and just crazy. He said there was no way to explain what it was like seeing the fire come at them the way it did, nor would he be able to explain being in the middle of it. He was very proud of himself and the other firefighters for being able to save the 10 houses they saved. He was worried about the firefighter from 149s. He said they were going to spend the night on the hill, just in case.

I spoke with him briefly this morning. 10 more firefighters have been injured, three severe enough that they were airlifted to the hospital. He said they stayed in the canyon until about 1am, then went back to base camp. They were getting a bite to eat then heading back out. He said the area they worked yesterday was Mission Canyon, near the Botanical Gardens. He wasn’t sure when he’d be home.

Please keep him and all the others in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. You got it sister, Hunky Hubby is in my thoughts..I wish him safety…call if you need anything! XO

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