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Is booby a bad word?

Our Trader Joe’s excursion yesterday provides all sorts of blogging post fodder…

Fussypants likes to ride in the main shopping cart carriage, not sit in the little kid seat. This way he can stand up, lean out and knock all sorts of things of the shelves. We are ambling along, in front of the dairy section (irony not lost on me….boobs = milk) and Mattias reaches out but instead of swatting at the yogurt, he smacks my boob and then quite loudly says, with a giggle, “I smacked your booby”.

Another mom, also dressed business casual and accessorizing with a harried look, is standing near-by with her son. I’m terrible with ages but he was old enough to walk alongside her and not ride in the shopping cart so he must have been around 5 or 6. As soon as he hears my son, he says, quite loudly, with a giggle, “Mommy that boy said booby, he said booby, booby!”.

His mom, bless her heart, without even looking up, replies, “Ok, doesn’t mean you need to repeat it”.

I quietly told Mattias to not smack my booby any more and moved on to the bread aisle.

So there, I said it “booby”. Not sure what else to call it around a two year old. And didn’t realize it was considered a bad word for 5-6 year olds.


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