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The name game

Last night, Lance, Mattias and I went to Islands for dinner (woohoo, big night out) and it was really crowded so while we waited I noticed a cute family of four; mom, dad, two boys who looked like brothers. The boys were wearing baseball outfits, like they just came from a game or practice and they had names on the back of their jerseys. One said Dylan and the other Mackay.

Seriously? This couple named their kids Dylan Mackay, the character from 90210 (the original). Wow.

I don’t know why I’m surprised, we have friends who have two boys and their names are Jake and Ryan…Jake Ryan from 16 Candles!

Anyway, I thought it was funny but Lance didn’t watch 90210 so he didn’t get the joke.

There is so much pressure when it comes to naming your children. Everyone has an association with a name and are always overly eager to share their feelings about said name with you (even when you don’t need to know that the boy name you really liked was the same name as their cousin they hate who is practically a retard – a friend actually said that to us, and all these years later I still remember it and therefore won’t be naming any of my children Trent).

Plus, you have to factor in the different jokes and playground teasing that can occur (I always liked the name Nora for a girl but Lance came up with a really catchy chant about ‘Nora the snora’ and ruined it for me), and you have to be sensitive to family feelings (we have friends who named their oldest boy after her father and his mom was none too pleased and feels slighted to this day).

My husband’s middle name is his father’s first name and his sister’s middle name is her mom’s middle name, and I always thought there just wasn’t much originality there but maybe regurgitating names already in play is a good choice. You already know if kids will tease, you won’t slight family and because it is a name already being used, your friends can’t say anything even if they want to because it’s your name.

I’m ok with choosing a TV, movie or literary character as a name but I am not sure about the practice of plucking both names and then bequeathing the first and last name of said character on each of your children…something about bestowing one characters first and last name on both your kids seems odd to me. Maybe it is just that I don’t have one character with two names that I like enough to want to honor, or hear the name said, on a daily basis.

This is a subject I could on and on about but I’ll end it now. Happy long weekend and good luck with the naming game. Don’t forget…it’s for life!


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