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I worked out last night after work, while hunky hubby was making dinner. When I was done I went to take a shower and Fussypants heard the water running so he came into the bathroom and said, “I shower too” then proceeded to take his diaper off all by himself (which is a little frightening considering what could happen if he decides to do that when he has a poopy booty, but I digress), so I undress and he looks at me and asks, “Where’s your dingding?”

Seriously. He asked me that.

I said, “I don’t have a dingding”.

His reply? “You have a bum!”

I marched my naked bum into the kitchen and told hunky hubby about our son’s (our son who is only two years old) observation. He laughed so I told him the differences between boys and girls conversation is all on him.



  1. oh my goodness, this is too funny…all the things I have to look forward too! HA

  2. ha!

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