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Fussypants is obsessed with water therefore he is also obsessed with the fridge built-in water dispenser. To the point that we have to keep it locked so he cannot use it.

But I forgot to lock it last night.

I was making dinner and thus in the kitchen so I could supervise the toddler/fridge interaction but then my cell phone rang and I thought (hoped) it might be hunky hubby, so I walked into the dining room to get my purse to find my phone which was buried at the bottom of my purse and Fussypants seized the opportunity to grab a plastic cup and start filling away. I heard water running, and then I heard water splashing on tile.

I walked back into the kitchen and saw that not only was the cup full, he was overfilling and water was running all down the front of the fridge and down his arms onto the floor.

I hollered STOP but he just looked at me with determination (you all know that look) and kept going.

So I snatched the cup out of his hands – we had a mommy/toddler stare-down moment and then….

I dumped the cup of water on his head.

I hope you are laughing. I don’t understand what possessed me to do it but I was peeved that he had spilled so much water and that when I said stop – he deliberately did not.

He looked at me, not upset but also not laughing and said, “Mommy, don’t do that. I’m all wet.”

So I got him a towel, took off his tee (he was only wearing a tee and a diaper) and dried him off. Then gave him another towel and told him to clean up the water on the floor.

Instead, he laid down tummy first in the puddle (and it was a large puddle) and exclaimed, “I’m swimming”.

I called my mom right away because I felt like such a horrible mommy but she laughed and laughed and said she thought I was going to say I spanked him, which made me laugh because spanking him never occurred to me.

We ended up cleaning the floor together then he took a nice hot bath and all was well in our world.

And I did remember to lock the water dispenser this morning.



  1. I absolutely love how you handled that situation…sometimes we have to pick and choose how we handle things, and yelling and spanking doesn’t seem to always work…I was laughing! I was…so something I would have done! :) Hope you had a good Mother’s day…

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