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Sticker stucker

Captain Fussypants is obsessed with stickers.
He puts them everywhere.
On furniture.
On the car window of the Mommy Buggy.
On the wall.
Sometimes, he just leaves them lying around so that they can decide for themselves where to adhere.

He uses stickers as band-aids (kids and band-aids, that is another phenomenon), to decorate his drawings, he even wears them as an accessory, like a badge of honor or a watch.

His favorite thing to do though is to share them. He offers stickers to anyone and everyone who walks in the house. No person or surface is immune.

Yes, that is Fussypants, delighting in the fact that he stickered mommy when she fell asleep on the couch after Easter dinner. What? I work hard, I was tired. That, and I may have had a few glasses of champagne. Mock me if you must but don’t judge me, in-law small talk sometimes requires numbing agents. But don’t feel too bad for my in-laws either. My mother-in-law is the one who took the picture and then mailed it to me. Yea, lucky me.

Another funny thing about this picture…Mattias has his shirt on backwards. Nana (my mom) gets the credit for that.


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