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Swine flu

Or H1N1 pandemic. Yikes, scary stuff, right? Or is it? Two probable cases here in OC and sure, when someone sneezes I flinch, if I’m in close proximity. Unless I’m the one sneezing, which I often do because I have self-diagnosed (gotta love webmd) but have never been tested so I don’t really know allergies. Does anyone else feel like they have the plague when they sneeze in public due to the freaked out looks you get because of this media-escalated paranoia?

Hunky hubby was sitting at Starbucks yesterday and heard the table next to him talking about Swine Flu, so he started coughing. They got up and moved tables.

My in-laws took one of those 3-day cruises to Mexico on Sunday and although the cruise ship wasn’t allowed into port and they never got off the boat, I’m still going to make them wait out an incubation period before letting them see my son.

So, there is reason to fear or at least be cautious but no reason (yet) for mass hysteria. I’m already a hand-washing, purell-toting maniac so I’ve just upped the disinfection factor on my tot and hubby. Don’t think they like me much right now but so far, nobody is sick.

You have to watch this video. It’s serious, it’s informative and it’s freakin’ funny. The how it spreads/sneezing graphics are rad. RAD.


Stay healthy my friends.


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