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I’m back….but barely

I survived my Vegas girls trip…all you really need to know is that by 10pm Friday night I had drank double my body weight in hard alcohol, including several shots (and for those of you that don’t know me, I have not had hard alcohol since 2005 because one day I decided that I was just too old to process it and hated feeling like crap the next day, even if I had only one or two drinks so I just stopped drinking it).

So now, when I drink, it is only wine or beer and usually not that many so believe me when I say that while I had a fabulous time, it was ugly.

See, me + Kettleone and cranberry + shots = bobbies falling out of dress, wearing a freaking wig (and I don’t recall putting up a fight about that when my friends said we should all wear wigs, I was that loaded).

But happily, I survived my first more-than-24-hours-away-from-my-son (being silly drunk and mind-numb helps). He also survived, and was thrilled to see me when I got home.


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