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The simply joy of a Root Beer Float

Hunky hubby has a serious sweet tooth, which Fussypants inherited. Daddy and son revel in their mutual love of sweets, often times sharing ice cream, cookies, candy along with giggles of glee. Last night, hubby came home from the store with all the makings for a root beer float.

Seriously. When was the last time you had a root beer float or even considered having a root beer float?

As previously blogged, dinnertime with Fussypants is an adventure and not the exciting kind, and last night was no exception. Hubby made tacos and Fussypants only ate the beans, declaring “I’m done” with a plate full of rice and meat.

Hubby tells him he has to eat this much of his meat and this much of his rice or he can’t have a root beer float.

Fussypants: “Float? I want my floaties! I want to go swimming”, as he turns his head to look outside at the pool.

Hubby: “No, we are not swimming. A root beer float is ice cream with root beer, like ice cream soup!”

Fussypants: “I love ice cream. I love soup.”

After dinner, with the dishes done and the toddler bathed, Hubby whips up the root beer floats. He, kindly, let me know that he made sure to purchase caffeine-free root beer, before giving our kid his treat.

Watching them sit at our little red kiddie table together, slurping and making mmmm, yummm, mmmm, sounds melted my heart. And dang, my man is really sexy when he is in nurture mode!

And now I know what Hubby is getting for Father’s Day: long handled spoons!


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