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The vivid dreams of a toddler

I have not been able to leave for our family fun time in Santa Clarita yet (I’m told that there will be a band at the hotel tonight and the YMCA is setting up fun kiddie events so I should get there as soon as possible) because my departure has been derailed by a busy work day. So, instead of maximizing my time getting stuff done at work, I am going to take a time-out for a quick blog because I am tired and I have to share. The past four nights Fussypants has woken up at 4 am and made his way down the hall to our bedroom. Well, except the one night that he actually fell out of bed and we found him sitting on the floor, hysterically crying. But I will get to that.

Friday night – so I suppose it was really Saturday morning – I was woken up at 4 am. Lovely. I heard whispers of “mommy, mommy” and when I opened my eyes, Fussypants was standing there, staring at me, willing me to wake up. It would have been a little creepy if he wasn’t so damn cute. When my eyes opened, he asked if he could get in bed with us. Probably should have said no, but it was 4 am and Hunky Hubby was working the next day so his alarm was set to go off at 5 am anyway so what’s one hour?

Big mistake.

Saturday night, 4:15 am – so I suppose it was really Sunday morning – I felt something on my head, and because hunky hubby was working, I jolted up, more than a little freaked out, only to find Fussypants standing there with two plastic dinosaurs. That is what I felt on my head, apparently I didn’t wake up fast enough so he was playing a game of dinosaur chase on my noggin.

Sunday night, 4 am – so I suppose it was really Monday morning. Hunky hubby and I are awakened by a very loud thud, then hysterical crying. We rush down to Fussypant’s bedroom to find him sitting on the floor, wailing that he had fallen out of bed, hurt his chin and needed ducky ice. Thankfully he does not have a box spring, so his bed is only about a foot off the floor but I can tell you right now that falling out of bed is not the way I want to be woken up either so I do not blame him for being upset. Turns out his chin is ok, in case you were wondering. Hubby was working, so he was getting up at 5 am anyway, and that is about the time it was when we finally got him calm and back to sleep.

Monday night, 4 am – so I suppose that is really Tuesday morning…which makes it today. I hear Fussypants mumbling, and talking to himself but I put the pillow over my head and try to ignore it. He starts to whimper a bit but it is not a hysterical cry so I figure he’ll work it out and doesn’t need me. Then I hear shouting, “No, it’s my ice cream, mine. Let me eat my ice cream. Don’t eat my ice cream.”

Then I hear little feet running down the hall and cries of “mommy, mommy’! So I meet him at the doorway, he practically jump in my arms and then freaks when I try to take him back to his bedroom. So he ends up in our bed again (hubby was working so it was just me). My alarm was set for 5:30 am but I hit snooze too many times to count and overslept.

When I quizzed Fussypants about his dream, he very seriously told me that daddy was eating his ice cream.

Clearly my child has very vivid dreams. Should I just expect to be woken up in the middle of the night or early in the morning because dream daddy steals his ice cream?

Goodness. Tonight we will be in a hotel room. I’m thinking of making hubby and Fussypants share a bed so I can burrow under all the pillows and covers of the other and force hubby into attending whatever the dream machine produces.


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