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Back to blogging soon…

Trust me, I am full of blog but I’ve been sick with an awful cold and super busy at work so I’m behind. I have a lot to say and will be back with several posts and some new pictures very soon!

A little hint of what’s to come…I actually had a drunk dad tell me that I wasn’t a “full time” mom because I work. I know, right? What kind of freaking crazy-ass dude is he? Like you just stop being a mom when your child is out of sight. Give me a break! I set him straight (his drunk-ass self considers himself a full time dad, even though he works so it wasn’t too difficult to get him to see it my way) and will share the story some time later this week.

Until then, I’ll cough away and hopefully feel well enough to rant!



  1. Hope you feel better soon…and what the heck, I would be so pissed if someone said that to me…RUDE! awaiting your return! :)

  2. Oh Coreen! How on earth did I not know that you have a new blog? I can't wait to keep up with your family adventures.

    Captain Fussypants is gorgeous! I love that hair…


  3. Hello,
    I somehow stumbled upon your blog and I never read blogs…this is my first one! I have to say it was quite enjoyable. Maybe it was my boredom at work that lead me to keep reading, but I believe it was your witty and delightful stories! I just found out I was pregnant on Sunday July 5th, so I look forward to having amazing, quirky experiences such as yours! I just wanted to say Hello and that I really enjoyed your writing!!


  4. Korie, I'm a 1/2-assed blogger but I'm getting better. I need an outlet for creativity, since I'm a writer at heart so this is it!

    LB – welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy! I don't have a big follwing so it's very cool you found me. Thanks for the kind words, I sure hope my son's silly antics keep making you smile!

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