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Burning time

Just a quick post to address something someone said to me after seeing my blog…that this was how I “burned my time”.

To clarify, I blog because I have an inherent need to write. It is part of my genetic profile. I’ve been writing since I was a child. I’d make up stories and my mom would type them up for me on her typewriter. I’ve always kept a journal, I was a journalist in high school and college, I have a BFA in creative writing and media arts, I used to write for an entertainment website, and I chose writing as my profession (though now that I am in management I don’t do nearly as much writing as I did) . Heck, I even make to-do lists. But my career path has veered me away from the creative aspect into the technical so now, to satisfy my need to make tangible the words that constantly float in my head, I blog.

And to be honest, I don’t even do it consistently! So no, I do not consider blogging a “time burner”. I consider it to be something akin to breathing. It is a way that I can write, flex my mental muscles and satiate my need to get my words out of my head.

Do I wish I was writing a novel, sometimes (though my interest veers more towards the short story). Do I wish I could profit from my writing? Sure.

But for now, I believe my time is best spent being a good wife, a good mommy, and a good employee, keeping my house in order, fitting in workouts and spending time with friends so that is where I spend the vast majority of my time.

But I still do my best to find snippets of time each week to blog and I won’t give that up. If I didn’t have an opportunity to write, I think my head would implode, spewing the alphabet everywhere, and that would just not be pretty.



  1. Amen, Coreen, I agree 100%, and you are a wonderful writer, I would encourage you to write short stories for sure…you would be awesome! Have a wonderful weekend and keep blogging!

  2. Thanks Tara!!!!!

  3. As your former editor, let me extend my excitement that you might write short stories and my offer to happily review your work again. ;-)

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