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I’m cool

Fussypants needed an extra pair of water shoes for school, since they have water play day now on Thursdays and Fridays and his feet grew from a toddler 6.5 to an 8.5 almost overnight. However, it’s July so trying to find water shoes mid-summer is like trying to buy a Santa hat at Easter, next to impossible.

After a ridiculously exhausting search consisting of several Targets, Amazon.com (but hello, not paying $20 for shoes he could potentially outgrow in a week plus shipping) and two Payless Shoes I found a pair of Lightning McQueen water shoes (at Payless) for $7.99. I was very pleased with myself at the cost and the fact that I knew Fussypants would love them since Lightning McQueen is one of his favorites.

But Fussypants made it all more sweet when he told me I was cool. Yup. When I showed him the shoes I said, “Do you like them? I’m the best mom ever, right?” and he said, “You are cool mommy”.

Do you hear that? It’s my heart melting with love.


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