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Keeping my day job

I love to sing even though I cannot carry a tune. However, that has never stopped me from singing, or making up little songs and dittys for my son and dog.

Several months back Fussypants started saying, “No lalas, mommy” when I’d sing to him. More recently he started saying, “No singing mommy”.

Last week, while on his changing table, he kicked me (not hard but just being silly and squirmy) as I was putting a new diaper on, and laughed. So I told him to stop kicking me. He kicked again. So I told him if he didn’t stop kicking me, then I’d start singing the “Don’t kick me song”. He stopped kicking me.

Yesterday I needed a nap, (hubby and I had a rock start week; Del Mar opening day then Vegas for hubby’s birthday and the Blink 182 concert so I was tired) but as I was getting Fussypants down for his nap he was giggling and throwing the pillows and just being plain silly. But I was sleepy and really wanted him to snooze so I could too so I told him to close his eyes or else I’d start singing. He kept on being silly so I started singing, “Goodnight Mattias, goodnight my boy, goodnight Mattias, it’s time to take a nap”.

He looked me right in the eyes and said very sternly, “stop making that noise” and promptly closed his eyes and drifted off to lala-land. And then so did I.

So I’ve learned that although I suck at singing, my suckiness is a good tactic to keep my kid behaving. But I guess I’m keeping my day job and not running off to start a band.



  1. too funny! i love it…g has started to sing in the car and he doesn't know the words but oh does he try! I can't sing either, no new day job for me! bummer.

  2. Hey, if you like to sing, SING!

    Like Dave Matthews says, "The reason I dance is because I like to dance, not because I'm good at."


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