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The misquote phenom

It is a well known fact that people misquote song lyrics all the time but some people misquote conversation at times too, like my mom-in-law. And before I get into it, this is not a mom-in-law bashing, it is actually kinda cute.

My mom-in-law was a high school teacher for well over 30 years but has been retired for several years now. But one day, while talking to hunky hubby and I, she did something that made us look at her funny. I cannot now recall what it was but it was one of those things where you kinda go whaaacha do that for? and her response to us was, “oh, my bag“. Which made us give her a different kind of look, one of confusion, so she quickly explained that “my bag” was slang the kids were using at her school when they made a mistake.

I’ll give you a moment…

Did ya get it? Yes, what she meant to say was “my bad” but apparently had been, for a while, saying “my bag” instead.

Fast-forward to this past weekend. Mom-in-law watched Fussypants for us while hunky hubby and I invaded Vegas. On Sunday, Fussypants and I were chasing tigers when he turned around, put his fists up in the air like a prizefighter and said, “put your dudes up“! As I haven’t seen him do that before I figured that he and mom-in-law were probably playing kung-fu sword fights and she taught him that, which he confirmed.

Later, when I told hubby he laughed and said it was probably a “my bag” situation but I gave mom-in-law the benefit of the doubt and figured Fussypants just got it wrong.

This morning I got an e-mail from mom-in-law asking if I had found the book she left at our house and if I could throw it in a vanilla envelope and pop it in the mail.

That’s right, vanilla. Cute albeit incorrect and I am reminded of “put your dudes up“. I’m now thinking that our boy heard his grandma correctly after all. :)

Here is a funny picture I took this morning. Fussypants woke up early, before I had taken a shower, so I set him up on our bed to watch TV and when I got out of the shower he had his hand down his diaper…just like his dad often watches TV with his hand down his pants.

I knew having a boy would huck me into unknown territory at times and this is one of times. I don’t get it but I do find humor in it.


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