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Nail polish, just another form of finger paints

Hunky hubby and I have an exciting week planned for next week. Del Mar (horse races) opening day with a group of friends, then flying to Vegas the next day for three days to celebrate Hunky Hubby’s birthday and we’ve got tickets to the Blink 182 concert (back together again after 5 years).

So these super fun events call for a new dress (or two) right? I agree. Because next week is already taking a hit out of my finances, I didn’t want to spend too much on a new dress (because I also need new shoes).

But, lucky for me, there is a little dress shop near my son’s preschool called Le Vogue. Don’t let the fancy 1980s band name fool ya into thinking I’m posh and shopping at some high-end ritzy Newport Beach boutique. Trust me, it is not that type of store. Le Vogue is one of those shops where prices range from $10-$26.99. The clothing is more of wear it one time only because it may fall apart after washing but the staff is very friendly, the clothes are displayed really nicely (not all crammed together) and they carry some cute styles, mixed in with the aging cougar borderline hooker sequenced stuff.

But the point of this is not that I found a dress, it’s that my son discovered nail polish. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

As I am paying for my $14.99 super cute I think it is cotton black deep V neck so my boobies look great dress, Mattias sneaks away and stumbles upon the make-up display (yes, this is a full service shop…clothes, make-up, shoes, purses). He grabs a bottle of frosty baby pink nail polish and refuses to let it go. Bribing him with tic-tacs didn’t even work, so the gal rang it up and we are now proud owners of cheap nail polish.

Mattias loves the color pink. Not unusual, since we don’t have much pink in the house so it is a novelty to him. For example, I work with a guy who’s son used to wear his daycare lady’s young daughter’s pink tutu every time he went to her house because they didn’t own anything like that in there own home. And another friend told me yesterday that her son (also 2) carries one of her purses with him everywhere he goes. It is normal for kids to relate to what they see. Her son sees his mommy with a purse and Mattias sees me with my toenails painted. As for the boy wearing the tutu, who knows.

So we took his new treasure next door to Pasta Bravo, ordered spaghetti and while we waited for it, we painted his fingernails. He was very careful not to spill and although he didn’t quite understand the concept of painting his fingernails only, and also painted the back of his hand, he didn’t make much of a mess. He even painted one of my fingernails, but just one. He didn’t want to waste his coveted pink goodness on me.

After dinner he got a lollipop and by the time we got home, had forgotten all about the nail polish bottle. But the next day at school, he was quite pleased with himself and proudly showed off his handiwork to his teacher.

Here is a little video of it. I only had my cell phone, so it is not exceptional quality.




  1. TOO cute…G would have painted his whole face, he tends to put things on this face! Oh and he loves my shoes..and my undies, he puts them over his head and wears them around his neck when i am folding laundry, it is hysterical! so nail polish, oh well right?

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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