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Saying Grace

or all the reasons to be thankful.

Fussypants attends a Christian preschool so some of the daily activities include Chapel, bible songs and saying Grace, giving thanks, before snacks and lunch.

About two weeks ago, one of his teachers told me that Fussypants loves to take the lead giving thanks and that he is such a character. Some days he is concise and thankful for his friends and his snack, other days he is a little more long-winded and thankful not only for his snack and friends but also for every and anything he spies in the room, including the toys, the crayons, the paints, the windows, his diapers, the chairs…you get the picture.

At home however, even though we sit at the dining room table for family meals, he has never once said Grace, until last night.

Hunky hubby was at work but my folks are in town and as we all sat down to dinner Fussypants stood in his chair, clapped his hands and said, “Thanks Jesus for my mommy, my daddy, my grandpa, my nana, my snack (this word he emphasised with enthusiasm)”, then paused, looked around and finished with “and my fork and my spoon”. Then he clapped his hands together again, made the sign for amen in sign-language, and said, “AMEN” loudly and just beamed the brightest smile at us.

Myself, my mom and my dad were all crying with the sweetness of it.

Happy Friday, have a safe and wonderful weekend with your loved ones. And thanks Jesus, for my family, my friends, my health, and red vines.



  1. seriously how much cutier can that be?

  2. Awww, how precious.

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