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I took a vacation day last Friday. Hunky hubby went to work and Fussypants went to school. Sounds like an ideal day, right? No. I took a vacation day so that I could have uninterrupted time to clean/organize/situate (actually get the door open) my library.

One of the nice things hubby first did when we bought our house *gasp* ten years ago next month, was build me a library with floor to ceiling book shelves. It sounds grander than it is, our house is humble, but it is a beautiful room filled with a lifetime of books (mostly my collection but some from my great aunt, my mom and my mother-in-law too) and other treasures and trinkets. It is very much my room and I find it peaceful. I searched for months to find the perfect eggplant (to complement the chaise) glass door knob, a door knob that made you feel like you’d be entering another world when it turned. I handpicked the chaise lounge material, and wall color (at first it appears white but if you look close enough the hue is really purple), I organized the books by subject, I chose the pictures for the frames, I even alphabetized the CDs.
Yet somehow over the last year it became the catch-all for everything and anything. A storage bunker, a place for all the clothes Fussypants outgrew, items that didn’t fit anywhere else, a place to just toss things in, with no rhyme or reason, and close the door quickly before something fell on you.

But the door is glass, so even when shut, the room sent out a constant reminder of my lost sanctuary.

So I took a vacation day and got to work.



I wasn’t sure it was possible that I could be so connected to this room, but now that it is usable again, now that it is mine again, I honestly feel better. I think I’ll tackle the hall linen closets next.



  1. I SO heart your library! I remember being stunned by when I first saw it. Congrats on reclaiming your space!

  2. Carrie told me about the wonders of your library years ago. I've been envious ever since…

    But now that you've posted pics, I'm downright green with envy.

    Every woman should have a room of her own…

  3. P.s. Who was the college friend??

  4. I love love LOVE this room and applaud you for getting back into shape, I'm just sorry you had to take a day off work to do it. Enjoy it!

  5. Looks wonderful Coreen…what a neat space to call your own!

  6. Korie, Vicki, Melynn and Ava came to SoCal for a Disney trip and we spent a good chunk of Saturday with them. It was fun! Ava and Mattias are close in age, about 8 months apart, and they got along really well. :)

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