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Fun facts

Ah, the things that keep me up at night.

Did you know that both my son and I are each born on sequential month/days in the numerological order?

I’m 9/10/70 and he is 1/2/07…and in addition to sharing the consecutive month/day sequence, we also share the same year just swapped…70, 07. Cool, huh? I’m sure not a numerology whiz but it’s still a funky, if not slightly geeky, fun fact.

And another fun fact; my husband and son share sequential alphabetical letters. Hubby’s name starts with L and our son’s starts with M. So not planned but don’t think we’ve haven’t kicked around some D names for when we expand our family (since mine starts with C, get it?).

And last but not least; hubby’s name is five letters, mine is six letters, and our son’s is seven letters. Again, not planned but kinda cool.

And no, not pregnant yet, but actively trying. More on that later.

Happy Monday!


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