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If it’s not the kid, it’s the dog

Woke up this morning, after only 3 hours of sleep last night and 4 hours the night before due to the bad sounds-like-a-seal-choking cough Fussypants presented at 1:30 am Tuesday morning, to two poop piles and a huge wet peepee spot that Caleb the Wonderdog left on the living room carpet.

Seriously? The dog is nine years old and he always “asks” to go out. I thought at this point we were so past him doing his backyard biz in the house.

I sent hunky hubby a text letting him know what happened and his response said it all:
“Sucks. Pesto sauce may be the culprit. Sorry.”

Pesto sauce?!? That is the last time the dog gets a people food hit to spice up his kibble.



  1. OH girl, I am sorry…yuk! but I am laughing, my damn dog, pooped and peed in the house on Tuesday night too, thankfully on the floor, but same here the dog has NEVER done that then boom…hubby cleaned it up! :)

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