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The Joy of Cooking

My mom has been in town for over a week and Fussypants has had several opportunities to enjoy time with his Nana (he told me last night that she was his Nana, not my Nana), who he adores.

Something he inherited from his daddy is his I’m So Not A Morning Person attitude so every weekday morning is a battle to get him up, dressed, out of the house and to school. He is the master at crafting new stalling tactics and yesterday flat out told me, “I’m not going to school today. Okay?”

But on this fine morn, I was ready for him. I was privy to the information that his Nana was coming over that night for dinner so I pulled this enticing tidbit out of my quiver, “If you don’t go to school, then you won’t be able to make cupcakes tonight with your Nana”.

He practically bucked himself in his car seat. After dropping him off I called my mom and asked her to pick up cupcake mix and frosting because her grandson really wanted to bake with her. Her delight radiated through the airwaves and I actually arrived at work early.

When I picked Mattias up that afternoon, he told all his friends and teachers that he was going home to make cupcakes with his Nana and that he wanted pink, green, and blue sprinklers on them. I didn’t have the heart to correct him.

And I applaud the gusto applied to his cupcake consumption, he enjoyed every single morsel (something I’m quite sure he inherited from me).

I had one myself and it was a tasty treat.


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