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Milestone: 100th post!

I haven’t blogged for a few days because I didn’t have anything 100th post-worthy to say so mucho appreciation goes to my hunky hubby for providing the fodder.

Hubby worked Friday-Monday but a friend of mine was in town from college with her daughter and my mom is here so I had plenty planned to keep us busy. We went to Disneyland with my college friends and their 3 year old daughter on Saturday, Sunday we had lunch, went shopping at Target and then got pedicures with my mom and Monday we went to the Long Beach Aquarium with my mom. Fussypants loved hanging out with all the girls, had a fun weekend and really didn’t want to go to school this morning.

I took this photo from the nail place and shared the story of how much he enjoyed the foot bath with hunky hubby. Told him all about Disneyland, shopping at Target, and the Aquarium.

He got quiet then said

I need to spend some man-time with our boy, he’s been hanging out you doing girl stuff way too much this weekend.

So I didn’t tell him that Fussypants asked to have his fingernails (but not his toes) painted and picked out a vibrant shade of hot pink. And I would have let him get them painted, but my pedicure took longer than expected and he is two so he was over it by the time it was his turn and just wanted to go home.

P.S. – Just got off the phone with hunky hubby. He sent me a text around 3 to say he was going to get our boy from school and I assumed they’d go do something manly like mow the lawn but instead, they went to Target.
Man-time indeed.



  1. Hilarous! Matt just told me the other day, I can't buy G any more blankets…what? He said what, are you going to buy him tights and dance shoes next…it got me to thinking! :) they went out in the garage and worked on their bikes last night…man-stuff in deed…happy 100th post!

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