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The Toddler Tantrum Phenom

Fussypants had a spectacular meltdown a few weekends ago. Truly, it was mind blowing. I’m still in a little shock and awe. What really gets me is how fast it came on. One second we were sitting in the bumper car at Disney California and the next he was crying and then he was kicking, scratching, wailing, arching, snotting, every “ing” you can imagine.

He was set off by the fact that he didn’t like the seat belt thingy in the bumper car being pulled down into our lap so he cried the entire ride (see the lovely photo memory my friend took, above), then, when the ride ended, he cried because it was over and he didn’t get to drive, then he morphed into something unrecognizable as I forcibly removed him from the bumper car.

His reign of toddler terror was so bad that the Disney worker girl actually said we could cut in line and go on the ride again (when does that ever happen?) but I politely declined. He had his turn, he chose not to enjoy it and I wasn’t 100% certain that going back on the ride would stop him crying but I was 100% certain that I didn’t want to be trapped in the little bumper car with an inconsolable tot if he didn’t stop crying. In the end, I just laid him on the ground, away from as many people as possible, and stood there with my friends watching (and thanking the heavens Disney California sells booze), while he bucked and writhed and spit and cried until he was so tired all he wanted was to hold his mama. It wasn’t his first melt down and it hasn’t been his last but it was one of the craziest.

And then this past weekend I watched another stellar melt down, but this time I watched it with Fussypants as it was someone else’s kid morphing into a toddler terror. Her mom handled it the same way I did, she just rode it out, so I felt redeemed. Fussypants, on the other hand, did not connect his tantrum tendencies with hers at all. “That girl is crying loud” was his observation, said with a hint of annoyance, like she was disturbing his peace, as he got bored and went back to playing in the sand.


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