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Battle of wills

Fussypants and I are locked in a battle of wills. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that he is in the “I want to do it” stage, which includes everything from taking off his shoes to feeding the dog to wiping his own bum to locking the door (that he cannot reach, let alone turn the key). None of this is unusual, it’s a bit of a power struggle but he is 2.5 (actually closer to 3 but I can’t tell you how many months that is…I lost count after 24 and don’t have the math skills or enough fingers and toes to figure it out) and generally I have the patience to let him “do it” himself. But this morning he tested me.

Fussypants likes to open the garage with the garage remote, so every night on our way home he starts telling me he needs it when we are about a block or two away from the house. And every morning as we are leaving, I let him open the door.

This morning, I got him up earlier than usual because I had a doctor appointment at 7:45. I knew he’d be grumpy and right away he started off with his I want my daddy repetitive chant (Hunky hubby is at the Moorpark fire, so no chance of him helping out this morn). I cooed and consoled to no avail so I finally just handed him the garage remote and asked him to open the door. He did, and as I went around the back of the car to get in the drivers seat, he closed it. Then he opened it and closed it again, all the while maintaining the rhythm of his I want my daddy chant. I’m sure my neighbors think the house is possessed with all the opening and closing of the darn door.

So I went around the front of the car, got in and snarled, “If you don’t get that door open right now you are going to get spanked” to which he changed his I want my daddy tune to I don’t want a spanking yet still didn’t open the door. And thank goodness he is too young to realize the empty threat of spanking a sitting and strapped into his car seat child. Because I couldn’t reach the remote from the front seat, I had to get out and get into the back seat, snatch the remote from his toddler this is mine vice-grip fingers, and get back in the drivers seat before I finally got the garage opened, to his wails. Oh the inhumanity of mommy.

In an attempt to quickly appease him, I gave him back the remote to close the garage door…which he did…but not before giving me that toddler stare down…and then he opened it again, then closed it, then opened it…

Thankfully we finally got out of the driveway with the garage door safely shut.

And to think, tomorrow is a brand new day and we get to do it all over again.



  1. Oh boy, do I have a lot to look forward to…tanturms, taunts and "I want my daddy"…I can't wait. Hope tomorrow goes better for you both.

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