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Boy Parts

Cleaning day (don’t ask me why I agreed to have my housekeepers come @ 7am every other Monday instead of a more reasonable hour, like noon) so another out of the house early morn….while getting Fussypants ready for school I had to change his diaper and get him dressed while he was mostly asleep. Since he wasn’t really lying in a straight position when I changed his diaper, I apparently smushed his boy bits. His eyes opened and he squealed and said, Ow mommy, it’s crooked, my dingding hurts!

Trying not to laugh, I straightened him out, undid his diaper and Well, Hello morning missile! I did indeed smush his dingding, which was much more awake then he was. So I jostled him a little, got it to lay flat and put his diaper back on. He was fine after that but I had to call my hunky hubby to tell him the funny story. So not my area ya know? My hubby laughed and said, well, he’s a boy because that explains it all. But really, the whole OH BOY, I’M A BOY starts this early? I guess I knew this was bound to happen, Fussypants has been known to wave and say Byebye dingding before getting a diaper put on (his diaper wearing days are close to coming to an end now that he has his Cars pull-ups and goes potty on the potty at school and occasionally at home, we are working on that – but he hasn’t yet mastered holding it through the night) and every naked chance he gets, he has to grab it, like he’s making sure it is still there.



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