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Good words/bad words

Parenting is not easy, parenting when plagued with potty-mouth is even more difficult. My mother used to tell me (not all the time, I wasn’t that bad growing-up, just more so as an adult) that boys don’t like girls who use foul language. Of course, that made me want to cuss even more. As one gets older, one gloms on to certain cuss words. My favorite, for instance, is “sh*t”, but I do use the occasional f-word if the situation is bad.frustrating.annoying.scary enough. But since having a child, I’ve tried to say things like “oh cheese” or “lavender lollipops” (from WowWowWubbzy) but they really don’t have the same calming and/or exclamation point effect.

However, toddlers learn very early on the art of mimicking. And when your cuss word is repeated back to you by your two year old, you think twice before shouting profanity the next time you drop something really heavy on your toe. I have a few sortof funny stories where Fussypants shouted a bad word in public, which was humiliating and made me feel like a terrible parent and I have a few really funny stories of my friend’s kids doing the same (helps me to know I’m not alone) but what I want to share is my son’s new favorite word – Poop and the clever variation, Poopy.

In the past, Fussypants has repeated a bad word but never really in context. More like he heard someone say it, so he said it. Poop has never been a bad word in our house. Everybody poops, it’s a book for goodness sake. So, when we smell stink bum, we ask him if he pooped or if he has poops. So I’m not sure when that word became something funny for him but I recall the day it hit my radar that he was using it a very different and not-so-nice context.

Labor day weekend we were at my folks house and they had some of their friends over and Pirate Captain Fussypants was in his element, showing off and being silly. He asked me to sword fight and I said something like, “Captain Mommy is going to get you” in my best pirate voice, which gave him pause long enough to say, “You’re not Captain Mommy, you’re Poopy“.

Excuse me? I aksed him what he said and he changed the subject. But from that point on, he tests his boundaries with the word Poop and Poopy. Dinner is poopy, Daddy is poop, Poop on nap time, and my personal favorite You’re poopy…and he giggles, like he understands he is using the word in a bad way.

And I don’t know how to break him of his Everything and Everyone is Poopy habit…we try not to overreact when we hear him say it, and to limit our use of the word to the toilet/diaper only but he really loves that word and somehow figured out that used in the context he uses it, it’s not a good thing.

Maybe I need to teach him a new word….any suggestions? :)



  1. oh girl, don't you think he learned it from daycare? I am sure not from you! :) my son hasn't picked up on it yet, but I have to say I would rather him say poop on nap time, then F*ck nap time!….:)

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