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This is a great website, and not just for children products. The site researches toxic chemicals in everyday products. And according to the news report I saw this morning, the site found LEAD in several PURSE styles. Can you imagine?

Healthy Stuff

Another fun bit of info: I had lunch with a friend last week and then we shopped (hey, it was my pre-birthday day, I’m entitled) and I said something about how I never get to try on clothes any more because I usually have Mattias with me and he crawls under the dressing room doors, so I end up half-naked, holding onto the back of his pants, trying to see if what I want to buy looks cute on me, so I usually just buy it, try it on at home and then have to return it.
And my friend (who has children several years older) said that she used to carry whiteboard pens and a washcloth and she’d let her kids write/color on the mirror while she tried on clothes and would then just wipe it clean before they left! She said in addition to them coloring, which they loved, they also got the feeling that they were getting away with being naughty, and of course they loved that too!

And one of my favorite mom tricks: if your tot is in the slamming of all doors phase, don’t waste extra money on child saftey door jams, just put a washcloth over the top of the door, so it won’t close all the way. After a while, your tot will get bored trying to slam the door that won’t close (or at least mine did)!

Oh how we moms are such great resources for each other! Anyone got a special trick of their own they want to share?


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